Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Cheating Hotwife cuckold me Part 14

To recap: ~~~Because I love you……. "Hello, it's me lah. Your darling!" Was I dreaming? Was I still in dreamland?

"Are you sleeping, did I wake you up? How come you no need to work today? Are you ok?" Oh no, shit!, It was for REAL! She finally called me! As if so big deal! We met at her place and we dododo dadada and all the mushy stuff she wanna said to me! She said she waited for my call but I never did! She said she missed me for this whole week and could not find love anywhere else. Then her tears started to drop and she broke down, probably feeling guilty. She told me to hug her and hold her tight and never let her go. She finally said, never would we be separated again! Oops.... Walking down this rocky road, wondering where my life was leading .... I'm ready for love?

After she found out that I was out of job, she told me to work for her dad. His company might have an opening. She told me to wait in her room a while and she immediately went outside to talk to her mum as her dad got no say.

After she had gone outside, my mind was in a spin. Make or break? Make, break, make, break, make, break, Make….. STOP! I was kinda touch! Wow! This girl trying to buy my heart or what? So genuinely concerned and getting the job for me too! My heart softened a little liao.. But how to tell her those things I had seen? Or should I said it? Maybe see how later and maybe she would change for the better? She already said sorry and confessed her love for me! Quotation: "When you love someone, whatever bad things she or he had done, we tends not to see it and make it good!" Told you I was already stuck in the middle with no way out!

She came back after about 20 minutes, happily told me her mum agreed to it! Haha! Do not forget, I did put in my ball-carrier for her mum many times liao. So maybe she also likes me too! Now I was really stuck! If I back out now, I lost everything. My mind was fasinating and drifted to me sitting on her father's director chair! And also the sexy secretary was under my table, popping up and down on my song song cock! It probably might happen one of these days in future, who knows! I dream a lot, didn't I?

We then happily went into our usual hanky panky game and I wanted to poke her but again, she declined and said that if I really love her, I should be willing to wait! This girl really knew how to play the innocent game as she still did not know that I knew about her past activities! I pretended to ask her what she did during out break and she did admit going out with her friends but stopped short on the bed part. She asked me in return too and I also said never find any chickens! She bluffed, I also bluffed! It was a game we like to play

After that day, we grew much closer and her dominance over me grew too! Since I like it too, I did not mind much about it. I concentrated on my new found job! Better work hard to show to her family what I was capable of! Her dad indeed got a secretary but the kind that you won't want to look twice in her direction! Fat, four-eyes with aunty hairstyle and dressing! Guessed her mum very smart and put an aunty secretary for her husband! But fred not, coz still got other shapely female forms in the main hall to bio! NEXT!

We spent more time together. In fact, virtually every evening after work and weekends too. So not much chance for me to eat outside but I still suspected that she got eat a little outside once in a long while. Sometimes after I went home, I did go down to MW to check but not once did I find her there leh! She was either at home or at her aunt's place. So, whatever had passed, let it passed! Let it be, let it be!

And finally the BIG day came for us after about a year. Pure, virgin white suit and gown for both of us. Oops, did I just mentioned "pure virgin?" Hahaha! It was really elaborate and grand! Her mum sponsored quite a fair bit too. It was a non-happening events except for both of us! That night, in our grand 5***** hotel suite, we did not just fuck BUT we made passionate, romantic LOVE, like those fireworks that glitters, sparklers and scattering all over the place! The sky also bright liao!

So how do you like your beef to be done? "Raw please!" I already waited so fucking long for tonight! At your own time, own target, carry on! Shoot all you want! ===C ~~~ ,,,..... . . . Sorry, mdm, no more bullets!

Don't click on it! Really no nudity but fireworks! Don't believe, done!
I did warn you, didn't I? Yes, that's the shape of her a...s...s

After marriage, her mum insisted that we should stay at her place and so my GF's room became our newly-wed bedroom.. It's a huge nice bungalow... and so, now comes the buaya eyeing her two sis......... hehe

A question to the saying goes: Will a leopard changes its spots? Next change!

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